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All About Jude Phillips

Jude Phillips is a fine artist based in Burlington, Ontario who specializes in contemporary wildlife paintings. Being an animal lover, nature has always been at the heart of his work. His favorite pieces feature animals such as bears, foxes, wild cats, and of course the beloved pets of his clients, which are mainly, but certainly not limited to dogs and cats. Jude graduated from Sheridan College with a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration where he was able to hone in on his skills in capturing the complexities of the various animals that he has painted. Jude enjoys creating depth and movement in his paintings with detailed fur textures and life-like eyes. With these skills and passions Jude has found a soft spot and excitement for pet portraiture. This is especially so because he has a little dachshund at home, named Bandit. Since then bringing peoples pets to life on canvas has become a passion, and he has continued to put love into every brush stroke.

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My Boy

Love of my life

This is Bandit, my sweet little miniature dachshund. He is the true inspiration that drives my love of pet portraiture. His expressive eyebrows, his beautiful brown eyes, and his enormous heart! 

He has taught me the importance of the connection a human has with their dog. The truest of unconditional love. I am proud to be a dog parent and I would love to create beautiful paintings of the ones you love as well.

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Sloth Bear



A Day Dreamer

A brief photo diary of the Sloth bear from start to finish, a collection for those who like to see a work of art and its process. As an artist I  usually have a vision going into a piece and a feeling I want to evoke. It isn't always clear what that is at the beginning for those who look at it but we get to see as that feeling develops through these images resulting in the final piece.

A Majestic Glance

A brief photo diary of the fox from start to finish, a collection for those who like to see a work of art and its process. As simple as this piece is it proudly sits on my wall at home as my favorite piece, waiting for its forever home. I am very pleased to share with you its journey.

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