Embellished Glicee Prints

The truth is that no matter how worthy of the price, Art can be expensive, and seem out of reach to some people. I believe that real art should be accessible to everyone. This is why coming very soon to my store will be "Embellished Glicee Prints". Each one printed on high-quality cold press artist-grade paper and embellished with brushstrokes by my own hand. Each Print will also be finished off by being signed in gold to make each one truly unique.


International Shipping

We do ship outside of Canada! However, the online store available on this website has not been set up to ship outside of Canada at this time. If you are interested in ordering something, please contact me directly by Email where I can calculate the shipping specifically for your area of the world and we can work out the details of your order, in a way that works just for you.



Burlington, ON, Canada.

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