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A Day Dreamer

A brief photo diary of the Sloth bear from start to finish, a collection for those who like to see a work of art and its process. As an artist I  usually have a vision going into a piece and a feeling I want to evoke. It isn't always clear what that is at the beginning for those who look at it but we get to see as that feeling develops through these images resulting in the final piece.

A Majestic Glance

A brief photo diary of the fox from start to finish, a collection for those who like to see a work of art and its process. As simple as this piece is it proudly sits on my wall at home as my favorite piece, waiting for its forever home. I am very pleased to share with you its journey.


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso



Hello and welcome to my website!
I hope you enjoy what you see while you are here.
There are a variety of reasons you may have found yourself at my site and I will address them here. 
I am an artist based out of Burlington, ON. A city I love and find abundant inspiration from. This is where I create and sell my Fine Art. I have been in the business of creating and selling my own art for several years now and it is a passion I will pour my soul into for the rest of my life. A year or so ago in 2019, I decided that I would delve into the world of pet portraiture. I have been well-practiced in painting animals and I thought it only natural that I might try to put that experience into something that people can curate for themselves, making something even more dear to their hearts. This work brings me joy and I love sharing that joy with people I get to meet.
Hopefully, we will get to work together on something special, but for now, I hope you are able to enjoy my site and the rest of your day.



Burlington, ON, Canada.



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